Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good morning from Jerusalem!

3:40am here. Been up since 1:30, watched a movie, checked out twitter, and are about to watch a second movie. Gotta love jetlag. After a really easy flight we arrived here in Israel at 5:25am, and got to the hotel so early that there was no one at the reception desk! After a brief chill sesh, we finally were able to check in and went exploring on Ben Yehuda, so early in the morning that most places weren't even open yet. Too exhausted to do anything, we decided to grab a bite to eat, hang out in a cute park near the hotel, and try to stay out as late as possible to fight jetlag. We lasted to 3pm and were fast asleep by 5:45pm. Today we are excited to meet with a woman from the New Israel Fund and a social justice fellow, and then go to the Bt'selem office to learn about their organization. More on that later. 

Andrew and Liat

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