Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dillers on the Farm!

Volunteering at the Needham Community Farms
By Rachel Goodman, Cohort 5

As a continuation of the our "Spontaneous Summer of Service" the Diller Fellows volunteered at the Needham Community Farm.  When we arrived, we were warmly greeted by Larisa, the head farmer.  She explained the Needham Community Farm’s goals, and why it was so special: the farm donates all of its “best” produce to food pantries, so that people who could not necessarily afford organic food in a grocery store could still have access to freshly grown food.  

Then, we headed over to the garden beds to start our first project.  We split up into two groups and weeded two garden bed sections.  By doing this, Larisa explained, we were making room for more people to come and have their own personal gardening spots.  After we completed this assignment, we came back as one group to conquer a larger challenge: to weed the compost pile.  Larisa explained the importance of this project: if there were weeds in the compost pile, their seeds would drop in the dirt and then next year when that dirt was laid out, weeds would grow all over the farm.  By doing this job, we were ensuring that the farm would have a “weed free” start to the next season.  We climbed the large pile of compost and weeded almost everything in sight, big or small.  

As we worked, the pile of weeds in our wheelbarrow grew bigger and bigger, until we couldn’t fit anymore. After two hours, the job was complete!  The weeds were gone, and the compost pile looked much healthier.  We thanked Larisa for the fun opportunity, and left feeling happy that we had been able to help the farm and those who it serves.


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