Thursday, July 14, 2016

Community Week

By: Documentation 

On get to know Haifa day, the leaders of the day Izzy, Emma, Or, and Dvir led the fellows in fun bonding activities during the opening circle. We then went to the zoo, where we got a behind the scenes experience with a Diller parent. Afterwards, we toured the beautiful Bahai Gardens, and learned about the Bahai religion's most holy place. 

After lunch on the beach, we got a stunning view of Haifa as we rode cable cars over the city. We ended the day with a discussion and feedback session. After that, we celebrated Ben's birthday with singing, cake, and a special video for him.

The next day was social justice and coexistence day, led by Noah, May, Yitzchak, and Jessica. To start off the day practicing social justice, we went to a tennis club that works to teach tennis to children with challenging backgrounds or living situations. The fellows had the chance to lead practice drills with the kids and hear from the coaches' own experiences. 

For the coexistence aspect of the day, we then walked around a largely Druze street, enjoying the shops and restaurants. Back in Haifa, we heard from a few fascinating speakers. The first were two teens, who spoke about their experience in a joint Israeli-Palestinian teen program, and shared their views on the culture and politics of Israel. The second speaker was Lian Najami, a Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 and political science student, who shared her own perspective on coexistence in Israel. 
All in all, a thought provoking day!

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