Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kennes Tours

By: Sadie
The last day of Kennes started off with a cohort wide program that addressed the diversity and unique qualities that comes with the Jews of the Diaspora. The program allowed me to getter a firmer grasp on not only the historical events that went into the Diaspora, but also on how remarkable the strong Jewish community across the world is. It was inspiring to realize that the connections I was making with people from around the world were representative of a movement bigger than myself and the weekend dedicated to Kennes. After this program the Boston cohort split up to go on various bus tours throughout Jerusalem. My tour focused on using food as a lens to understand the diversity of Jerusalem. 

The tour gave me a new perspective in the sense that I now view the shuks and marketplaces of Israel as not only fun places to shop for gifts, but as complex work environments that benefit some but also cause harm. Our speaker at the end of the day gave an inspiring message about the importance of taking ownership of the problems you see in your community, and not assuming that someone else will do it for you. This message is something I hope to take home with me to Brookline in order to make a substantial change that I feel is important. The day ended with a fun closing ceremony and end of Kennes party that gave us the opportunity to have fun with our new friends until we see them again for Congress! Although Kennes is coming to an end it truly feels like just a beginning (sorry for the cliche)  for our time in Israel and also within the
 new friendships we've been able to form. 

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