Thursday, November 10, 2011

Diller 2011-2012

Hi Guys!


18 teenagers and 4 staff members, stuck with each other for 48 hours in a snow storm in the dead of October. That right there, would mark the start of a wonderful Diller year. I want to write about all the amazing things that have happened with Diller so far, but it would take me awhile…and I probably wouldn’t have enough space. But, I remember the first meeting, meeting everyone was so awkward. I didn’t know many people, but was eager to know everyone soon. After a few meetings, the retreat was finally around the corner, and personally, I was excited. I would tell my school friends, but they didn’t really get it so I just couldn’t wait to board the bus at the JCC on Friday October 28th  for a fun-filled weekend with 17 other teenagers my age. Before the retreat, we all picked “committees” that were assigned an important task on the retreat, and every committee carried out their job amazingly, especially the food committee, as they had the huge job of filling 18 teenagers, and 4 staff’s hungry bellies. At first, our group was “segregated” at first with boys in the back of the bus, and girls in the front. But after a short while, we were all talking and having fun with each other, IN ONE AREA OF THE BUS, and this was a big step for us. When we got to Friendly Crossways, we were greeted by Mrs. Turner, the owner of Friendly Crossways who provided us with warm blankets, pillow cases and sheets, Bryan, one of the amazing 4 staff members, and Talia and Andrew, 2 people part of the Boston Diller Cohort this year, who were already there. Everyone got settled into their rooms and got dressed for Shabbat, and the retreat had finally begun. Soon enough, we were all bonding with each other, laughing, and playing ice breakers. We had an amazing Maagal Lila both nights, all thanks to Bryan. Everyone got really deep into both of them, and no one judged anyone, which was really amazing. Andrew (below me) wrote about what we did, which was so fun. Our weekend together went by too fast. Even though when we lost the power, and had no heat, everyone seemed to still enjoy it, and have fun with everyone. Everyone had a positive attitude and no one wanted to go home quite yet. Well, we were in luck. We got to spend even more time bonding with each other when we had to walk a mile and a half to get to our bus to get home because the bus couldn’t make it down the road with all the snow that had fallen, and that was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Luckily, we will be back at Friendly Crossways in just a week, and be able to spend more time with our Diller 2011-2012 new family. Thanks for an amazing weekend guys. Thanks to Liana for buying the food, Bryan for helping the boys cook it, and Noah and Brynn for being amazing friends and bonding with us at night.


I love you guys!

-Emily Feil J

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