Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diller Retreat #2

Hey Diller!


Our first retreat was quite the experience, what with it being our first real bonding experience, the power outage, and the substantial snowstorm. But our second retreat was just as exciting and successful, and not only because we could actually shower and make pancakes Sunday morning!

We packed so much into those few days over the weekend, what with all the leadership programming, text studies, planning for our MLK events, and bonding with everyone. I love how in Diller we are treated like responsible people and given authority over our own activities. It's assumed that we're mature enough to take responsibility for each other as well as give and receive feedback. I also feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of people to be part of Diller with, including staff.  During this past retreat, we all connected with people that we weren't as close with before, on top of continuing our friendships from our initial retreat. I know we will all continue to get closer throughout this year and I'm looking forward to it!

It's so strange to go back to school and normal life after such an intense weekend. These past few nights, just before I fall asleep, my mind keeps playing tricks on me and makes me think that I'm back in the girls' room, finally settling down to sleep (whether it be just me in my bed, or four of us) after many hours of chatting and bonding and the occasional nail painting. I guess that's just my brain telling me it would much rather be back at Friendly Crossways with you all than at home and school. I can't wait until December 4 so I can attack all of you with hugs and see all of your beautiful faces again! Thank you so much to my fellow Fellows (ha) for making this experience so amazing and to Liana, Bryan, Noah, and Brynn for being so patient, hilarious, and the best staff we could ask for.


Love you all!

Talia Rothstein

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